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Write about crypto and earn crypto. Start monetizing your content and earn a passive income in crypto with us.

write about crypto and earn crypto

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crypto guide allows you to write about crypto and earn crypto. passive income on your valuable content.

write about crypto and earn crypto

How to get started?


Signup as editor and submit your article.

Signup as an editor on our website by clicking the button below. Write an interesting article and submit it for review.


We will review it and publish.

We will manually review each article submitted and may suggest some edits and publish on our blog. You will be notified.


You will earn as you get views on your article.

More views you get on your published article more you will earn. We pay $5 to $15 for every 1,000 views.


Promote your affiliate/referral link in your article

We allow you to mention your affiliate/referral link in your article as long as it does not appear to become spam. You can earn referral income on top of what you are earning from us.

Write a guest post and add a backlink to your website

Write about your services/product on our website and add a backlink to your website to improve your SEO. Your website should be related to cryptocurrency otherwise we will not publish.

earn recognition and passive income

You can start earning as soon as your article is published. Remember more views means more earnings. If your article is very nice, we will promote your article which can boost up your earnings.

Are you a crypto project owner?

We can promote your project/coin if it has a real use case. In this case, you must contact us and submit your inquiry. We will publish your article also which will increase your project reach with our audience.

Instructions & Guidelines for submission

Include heading & sub-headings

Including heading & sub-headings improves engagement of the user with the content. Include appropriate headings in your article.

use examples

Using examples strengthens your statement and provide better understanding for the viewer. Make sure to include some.

write about crypto and earn crypto

unique content & at least 500 words long

We reject copied and rephrased content. Your article should be unique and should not be published anywhere else.

crypto related

Crypto is a huge industry and growing. Your article should be related to crypto, else will not be published. You can use your referral link in your article.

What we don't Publish?

Already published content

We publish only new and fresh content on our website and reject other.

Misleading information

If you include wrong /misleading information in your article. We won’t publish.

Too much promotion

If you try to promote your product/referral link/services too much. We won’t publish.

What other publishers say?

write about crypto and earn crypto

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“Crypto Guide has consistently proven their ability to understand our business needs and help investors outperform our expectations.”

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