Q/A BigByteBlock: Part 1

In this article, we shall discuss some frequently asked questions (Q/A BigByteBlock Part1) which comes to everyone’s mind, and admins/moderators/or any official of BigByteBlock had to answer them again and again. Let’s see some of them:

Q/A BigByteBlock

Let’s start Q/A BigByteBlock Part1:

Why is the Total Supply of BBB so large?

The total supply of BBB coins is not fixed, just like ETH, XMR, FIL, and many others. What matters is the circulating supply, which is around 170k at the time of writing this article. The market cap is calculated as

MarketCap = Circulating supply * Current Price per coin

For BBB, the circulating supply is 170k and the price is $0.01 (approx), so the market cap will be around $1700 which is pretty low. This means a total of 1700 USD in BBB is accumulated by its holders. With time, more nodes will mature and more BBB coins will come into circulation which will increase its market cap. The airdrop was one of the reasons to increase the number of BBB holders, so we can get listed on CMC and CG. Remember BigByteBlock is a game of patience, this project has the capability of making everyone in its community a millionaire at some time in their lives.


How long it may take to hit 5M nodes?

At the time of writing this article, a total of 2.57M nodes are already blocked. Exactly 1 year ago in Dec, I blocked my first node which was #19,293 and within a year the number of nodes blocked per day has been multiplied, that’s why we reached in millions in a year only. But one fact should be considered, a few months ago, there was node split, which caused 1 node divided into 10 nodes. But still the pace is very nice and growing, and with this pace, we can expect 5M nodes in the next 4 or 5 months. My prediction is in May 2022.

After 5M nodes, BigByteBlock will be the most interesting thing to notice. I’d say we have time till May, then BBB will skyrocket, so if you are clever enough to fill up your bags before the launch, you can be a crazy rich man.

How much time does it take for the withdrawal process?

This has been answered many times by the admins, the withdrawal is not an automatic process, it is done manually by the BBB team. Because of a large number of withdrawal requests every day, it can be delayed up to 24 to 48 hours. But your withdrawal will be processed surely.


Why blocking a node is more expensive than a BBB coin?

It is true in the present time, but will not be in the future. The BBB system is designed in a way that the price of a node increases every day. and the price of a BBB coin or any coin depends on the community’s actions, people want to cash out their coins as soon as they receive them in their wallets instead of holding them. That’s why the difference. Since you receive back your initial deposit after 1 year, so earning BBB coins every day is a plus. and it becomes an income source as well. So we cannot actually complain about this, also BBB is a cryptocurrency, it is very much expected to rise and remain around $1 and maybe more than that.

How can I earn max. from this platform?

It is plain and simple, more nodes mean more earnings. Make sure you block your nodes every day from your daily earnings. You can add a deposit as well, in order to block more nodes. Referring can also be a huge way of making more since it has a 5 level deep referral program. If your referrals are greedy enough to block nodes by adding deposits, you earn a percentage from their daily earnings.


Why did we move to BSC?

Before BSC, BBB coin was listed on waves.exchange for a long time, but the BBB team decided to leave the waves blockchain. The most probable reasons for leaving waves and selecting BSC were:

  • Waves support did not respond to their request to verify the BBB token.
  • To make a successful trade on waves, you need to pay a small fee in waves. So you need to buy waves first before swapping BBB coin. Many people were not happy in this regard.
  • CMC does not provide an option to list tokens based on Waves blockchain.
  • BSC is the most growing network these days, because of fewer transaction fees. So, it was a perfect solution.

Conclusion for Q/A BigByteBlock Part1: BBB in 2021

The year 2021 for BigByteBlock was very positive and prepared a strong foundation to skyrocket in the future. Some of the major updates that happened in this year:

  • Node split 1:10
  • 5th Million node update Announcement.
  • Moving to BSC after leaving the waves exchange.
  • Airdrop.


Expected things that can be seen in 2022:

Not sure that it will happen, the following are just my predictions that we might achieve in 2022:

  • Listing on CMC and CG.
  • 5th Million node update.
  • BBB price more than $0.10
  • Listing on Binance.

Let’s face it and have a discussion, what might be the possible things that BBB can achieve in 2022. Let’s hear them out in the comment section. To read more about BigByteBlock, kindly refer to BigByteBlock Archives. Please tell if you like the Q/A BigByteBlock Part1? Also mention, if you want Q/A BigByteBlock part2 also.


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