Node price hits $1: Start of a New Era

Today, 19 Feb 2022 the price of node hits more than $1. Since the start of BBB, this has happened for the first time and it is an achievement for all of us “early investors” as things will not be the same further. Node price will continuously increase and blocking nodes will become difficult.

Node price $1

For all new investors and the ones who block nodes using daily income, they will block each node @1 USD. Growing an account will not be easy unless you invest tons of money, that is why we will use the 5M node update to block nodes using BBB coins. The BBB coins are being sold at a decent price and then nodes can be blocked. but we are still not so far from the 5M nodes. I expect we will hit 5M nodes by the end of April 2022.

The BBB system is designed such that the price of nodes increases every day. This will ensure the circulation of BBB coins into the market. Since nodes will be expensive to block, hence BBB coins number coming into circulation will have a positive impact on the price of BBB coins.

Early investors

The BBB also provides more advantages to the early investors, because they performed the same things but at a lower price rate. The ones who have blocked more than 1,000 nodes already, Congratulations to them for being early investors. There are greater things coming ahead.

There are currently around 60k registered users, and about 50 members have more than 10,000 nodes. In the future, when we will be having more users, all of the early investors will have a big advantage over the new ones. The growth is really good of the platform compared to the last year. Hopefully, this growth will be multiplied several times over the next year.

Take action, before it’s too late

Time does not stop for anyone, so as the node’s price. If you are still thinking of investing, take action before it’s too late. Usually, in the crypto market, the people who invest late are the ones who face loss. But with BigByteBlock there is only benefit no loss, early investors will have more benefits than the new ones.

node price


Just like the price hits $1, it will hit $2 as well in the upcoming years. Let’s fave it and have a discussion in the comment section, what do you think about your investment? Comment it and let other people know about it. If you want to read more about BigByteBlock, you can do it here.


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