My journey with Latium

To start and grow online, is not an easy task. But there are some platforms that make your job easy. Latium is one of them. Latium is a freelancing platform where you can work and hire for crypto and USD. In this article, I will describe my online journey so far and how I used Latium to make my job easy.


I have successfully started my online business through my website. It is called Crypto Guide. From building it from scratch, finishing its design and development, and growing it, Latium has helped me massively. Because I found the right people at the right time which made it possible.

How did I get started?

I joined Latium in Oct 2020. and I had no prior experience working online. It was due to the lockdown and I wanted to earn while I was at my home. I started as a freelancer and completed a few micro-projects which were quite easy to complete. On completion, I received their payments in crypto. I wanted to grow with Latium so I completed my verification and started bidding on several projects. I got selected in one of them, I completed the job sincerely and I received a good amount of Bitcoin before Dec 2020.

Bitcoin began to pump, so I got very lucky at that moment, I made a clean 4x on my wallet’s balance. So, I thought to use my funds somewhere productive, then I thought why not start my own online business? I said yes to myself and boom here we go.

latium freelancing

How I used Latium to build my website?

Firstly, I needed a professional WordPress designer. So, I posted a project on Latium, and I received several bids from skilled freelancers within minutes, I reviewed their previous work and hired one of them. He performed a great job as he promised. You can visit the website and explore different pages to see how nicely he designed the website. I was very happy with his work.

latium project work

With the ongoing work, I realized that a WordPress developer is also needed as per my requirements, again I posted the project and found the best freelancer who coded and interacted with the backend of my website. It took approximately 3 months to finish the complete development and design of the website. But this was not sufficient to run a business. You need more traffic, marketing strategies and plans, and campaigns. I realized the real journey has now begun. Every obstacle that I faced, Latium had my back to clear my way through.

How I used Latium to grow my website?

I posted a micro-project on Latium asking freelancers to provide feedback about my website, many participated in the project, I got a lot of things to update on the website to look more professional and valuable. When it was all set to promote my website, I started with Latium only. I asked freelancers to explore different pages of the website and register an account with it. This got me an initial pump to go forward and continue the trend. and I am still building traffic to my website, but I am always thankful to Latium that provided me a way to get what I want.

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How can you get started?

If you are looking to build your own online business in any niche, Latium is the best platform that can provide you with the best freelancers. I have purchased a lot of services, that helped me grow. I can also easily get referrals for any website by just posting a micro-project. You can do the same. Whatever you need, you only need to post a project and hundreds of people are ready to help you.

Crypto Guide

Before I conclude this article, I want to describe a little about my online business. Crypto Guide is a digital informational product that helps you avoid losing money in crypto and safeguard your crypto journey to the moon. The features of the crypto guide are:

  • Several methods to earn free crypto, and strategies to make them a passive income source.
  • Know about the crypto gems to HODL for the long term.
  • Investment strategies that generate income for you.
  • Review request: Review your investment first, before you do. Our experts will share their thoughts on your investment.
  • Know what’s happening in the crypto market.


I want to dedicate this complete blog post to the Latium team, that is the least I can do. I am very thankful to them for so many things. Got my bids approved and received payments in crypto. Received bids from skilled freelancers in no time. Got referrals on other websites that generate passive income for me. Latium has simplified my journey many times. and hope will continue to do. You can visit my Latium profile here. If you want to contact me, leave a mail at [email protected] for any business proposals.


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