How to Add Deposit and Block Nodes?

Blocking nodes is the fundamental thing to do in BigByteBlock. This lets you earn on the platform. More nodes you’ve blocked mean more earnings. In this article, we will read about how to add deposits and block nodes. If you are new to BigByteBlock, then this article is definitely for you.

block nodes

When you signup and activate your account on BigByteBlock, you get your 1st node for free. To block further you have to add a deposit. The price to block one node at the time of writing this article is $0.88 which increases every day by $0.001. So, better to block early at a lower price.

Why do I have to Block Nodes?

BigByteBlock is building a community where each person is represented by a node, and each time a person blocks a node, the blockchain grows. So, in order to be a part of the community, you need to block at least 1 node in the BBB blockchain. And trust me, you will never want to miss an opportunity to be part of such an amazing community.

block nodes blockchain

Blocking nodes regularly can help you achieve financial freedom, let’s see some of the benefits of blocking nodes regularly:

  • Claiming daily income. Your daily income can help you block more nodes.
  • Securing future. Every node you block today will mature to become a BBB coin after a year.
  • Help your account balance grow. You will steadily notice, you are growing with BigByteBlock.

You can grow quickly as well if you are not so patient. Then you have to add a deposit to block nodes. Also if you are new to the platform or haven’t deposited anything before, then consider adding a deposit as an initial fuel. It is the best investment and you also get your initial deposit back after completing a locking period of 1 year.

block nodes

Why should I add deposits to block nodes?

Since blocking nodes is the key. Nodes are not free to block, so adding a deposit is the way. Following are the reasons why adding a deposit is a smart investment:

  • You can block nodes by adding deposits and claiming daily income from those blocked nodes to block even more nodes.
  • You get back what you invested after a year. So everything that comes to you is a profit.
  • More deposits => More nodes => More earnings => More BBB coins.
  • It adds a passive income stream to your career, which will always keep earning for you, as time progresses. which is otherwise very difficult to build.


How to Add Deposit?

Now we’ve seen blocking nodes is the key to grow with BigByteBlock. Now we will see how we can block nodes to start earning from this wonderful platform.

  • If you are a new member, then you can signup here. and claim your first free node.
  • To block more nodes, we will add a deposit.
  • Click on Add Deposit on the dashboard of your BigByteBlock account.

add deposit

  • Select the number of nodes/ amount in USD you want to deposit. and then click on “Proceed“.

  • A corresponding bill will be generated by coinbase. select the coin in which you want to pay. (I prefer LTC because of its less fees and faster transaction).

  • Copy the amount and address (very important) and execute the transaction from your wallet in the coin you chose above.

  • Wait for some time, to confirm the transaction on the blockchain, once it is confirmed, your deposit will be credited in your BigByteBlock account in USD denominations.

add deposit and block nodes

How to Block Nodes?

It’s a one-click task and you are done. Just do it every day.

  • Claim your daily income.

  • Click on Block Node.

block nodes

If you do this every day, you will steadily observe your daily income is increasing everyday which allows you to block more nodes and have more BBB coins.


More nodes mean more earnings. Since the price of a node increases every day, so today is always better than tomorrow. Take your action now and enjoy passive earnings. Also, you will get back your initial deposit. Let’s face it and have a discussion in the comment section, what do you think about your investment on BigByteBlock? For more articles related to BigByteBlock, please reach out BigByteBlock Blog.


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