BigByteBlock Withdrawal Guide

A successful withdrawal from BigByteBlock can be made only when you meet some specific requirements. There are some changes introduced recently in the withdrawal section. This article will include everything you need to know for withdrawal.

withdrawal guide

Withdrawal is the area of concern for all users. so every user must have proper knowledge about how it works on BigByteBlock. There are different types of earnings we have on BBB. Not all of them are withdrawable. Let’s classify them as withdrawable and non-withdrawable.

Non-Withdrawable earnings and their use case:

The daily income which we get from our blocked nodes can only be used for blocking more nodes and cannot be withdrawn. The referral income also, cannot be withdrawn and is used to block more nodes only. Both of them fall under the non-withdrawable category. Their use case is only to block more nodes, which becomes BBB coins on their maturity.


Withdrawable earnings:

You can withdraw BBB coins when your nodes mature. Also, the deposit which you added to block nodes, can be withdrawn after the completion of the lock period of 1 year. All the details can be found on the withdrawal page.

  • BBB coins

withdraw bbb coins

When the nodes mature, they are automatically reflected on the withdrawal page. They can now be withdrawn after 1 year of wait! Remember: The BBB coins are based on BSC (BEP20) network, so you must update your correct address in the profile settings.

  • Initial deposit

You can see the dates when you added your deposits, and exactly after 1 year, they will be reflected under the USD Redeemable section and you can request a withdrawal. Remember: They will be paid as BNB to your wallet address updated in your profile settings. Make sure you have updated the correct wallet address and on the correct network i.e BSC, otherwise it will lead to loss of your funds.

Minimum requirements to make a withdrawal?

There are 5 requirements, and all of them must be fulfilled in order to request a withdrawal. All the requirements are listed on the withdrawal page of your dashboard.

  • You must add a deposit, then only you can request a withdrawal. The minimum deposit to add is 10 USD.
  • Update profile photo. you can also use any photo if you do not wish to upload yours.
  • Update BSC wallet address. This is the address where your withdrawals will be sent. so, make sure they are correct.
  • Update Telegram’s username. We have an amazing community on telegram, a lot of people are there to help in case of any issue.
  • Minimum 25 BBB coins.

Recent update regarding withdrawal

The price of a BBB coin is around $0.0065 and 25 BBB coins will be $0.16, to execute a transaction on BSC, there is a transaction fee to be paid by the sender which is around $0.13. Keeping this in view, there was a change which is as follows:

The first withdrawal can be anything above 25 BBB coins, but the second withdrawal transaction must be above 100 BBB coins.”

bibyteblock withdrawal

This is a right and smart thing to do in my opinion. But the small investors might complain about this. In the near future, we shall implement the 5th Million node update and buyback, which will increase the value of a BBB coin. when BBB price is good enough, then there might be a change in the withdrawal limits again. (just my opinion)

How do I withdraw?


withdrawal of BBB coins

withdrawal requested

How long do I have to wait to get my withdrawal?

The withdrawal is processed manually by the BBB team. It generally takes up to 24-48 hours. Due to a large number of requests every day, there might be a delay, but you will definitely receive your withdrawal. In case of any query, the best thing to do is to reach out to the telegram community, there are moderators, admins, and other members to help.


What after receiving withdrawal?

Here are some of the best practices after receiving a withdrawal successfully.

  • HOLD  your BBB coins. or provide liquidity for BBB/BNB. If you do not know how to, you can read this blog.
  • Leave positive feedback for BigByteBlock on Trustpilot.
  • Refer your friends and family about this wonderful earning opportunity, and earn referral income as well.


Receiving a withdrawal always makes us happy. This platform will earn for you with time. Let’s face it and have a discussion in the comment section, “what are you planning to do with your BBB coins?” My answer to this is just HODL. For more articles related to BigByteBlock, please reach out BigByteBlock Blog.


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