BigByteBlock Update: Listing on CG and CMC

What about the next BigByteBlock Update? On Dec 15, 2021, BigByteBlock successfully completed their airdrop. More than 4,000 people participated in the airdrop and 1.5M+ BBB coins were airdropped. More details can be found here. So, what comes after the airdrop? Let’s try to find and figure out in this article.

bigbyteblock listing
If you are a community member of BigByteBlock and strongly believe in the project. this article might attract you. and if you are not! then you are missing something big in the crypto space. You can get started here and an amazing community is there to welcome you.

BigByteBlock Update: What’s next after Airdrop?

The next step will be getting listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. It is very important for valuable tokens like BBB to be listed on popular price tracking websites for crypto assets. BBB is based on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) Network and can be traded on pancakeswap and

Listing on CoinMarketCap should meet some requirements which must be fulfilled by a crypto asset. you can read the listing criteria. Many of the requirements are already fulfilled by the BigByteBlock team. Some important one’s which the team has to rely on their community members to be fulfilled are the following:

  • Must have significant trading volume.
  • Must have more than 5,000 holders.

How can I become a responsible community member?

Behind every successful crypto project, there is always a strong community. To make BBB coin what we can see it to be in the future, we need to do our part in the present. We can do so in the following ways:

  • HODL the airdropped coins. As we need 5,000 holders, at the time of writing this article there are 4065 holders. the updated list can be seen here. Once we reach this number, BBB will be listed on CMC and CG will attract new investors to the BigByteBlock.
  • Try to buy some BBB coins, currently, BBB is trading at less than 1 cent (<$0.01). This is a great opportunity to fill our bags before we skyrocket. Buying will increase the trading volume and the price as well.
  • Provide liquidity for BBB/BNB pair on pancakeswap. where you will earn rewards for providing liquidity as well, and help traders to trade. More liquidity means less price impact, so even if a BBB whale sells all of his BBB coins. it won’t impact the price drastically.
  • Try to promote your referral link, and bring new investors to the community. You will also earn referral income.

Doing any one or more of the above-mentioned points, will not only help the community. But will also allow you to earn rewards. So, it is a win situation for every one of us.


Consequences of the next BigByteBlock Update:

The listing of BBB on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko will increase the visibility of the coin outside of our community. This will attract new investors. Sometimes, people are looking for new gems, they can find out about BBB easily. The BBB coin will have recognition in the crypto space. Also, price tracking will be very easy and simple for everyone. So, this step is the important one and has a huge impact on the performance of the BBB coin.


What after listing on CMC and CG?

Listing on CMC and CG is a major step. But we still have to travel a long distance before we hit the moon. Our next short-term objectives will be well described by the upcoming time. but our long term objectives as of now are the following:

  • Hit 5,000,000 (5M) nodes. Once we block the 5th million node. the deposit in other cryptocurrencies will be stopped and only in BBB will be allowed. this will make sure that new investors have to buy BBB coins to make a deposit. So, there will be more buyers for BBB and hence an increase in price.
  • Listing on Binance. If we are listed on the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. it will open fortune for every one of us in the community. and awareness about BBB among crypto whales and big investors.

bigbyteblock update
Though the BBB team always introduces new ways for engagement among community members as short objectives. Kindly keep an eye on BigByteBlock Archives for regular updates on the platform. and tell your family and friends about this amazing platform. so that everyone enjoys a decent passive income.

Conclusion for BigByteBlock Update:

Every step that the dev team makes is an intelligent way to deal with the situation. and I post my opinion about the platform. All the major and minor updates will be posted here. and if you are obsessed with BigByteBlock. reading the articles in this category will make you feel more obsessed. Let’s face it and open a discussion about BigByteBlock in the comment section below.


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