BigByteBlock: New Features

Recently new features were added to the BigByteBlock website making it more interesting. However, some people were confused and did not understand properly. In this article, we will discuss the new features added to the website and how important were they for making this project successful.

BigByteBlock new features

The new features were very important to be included as they define the real use case for BBB coins and allow us to internally trade BBB coins with USD to block nodes. Let’s see in detail.

What are the new features?

Visit the dashboard to explore the new features. They are:

  • Buy/Sell BBB coins: This feature allows us to trade BBB coins with USD that can be used for blocking nodes that matures after a year to become BBB coins. Now, daily income can be used to buy BBB coins or block nodes, which increases the daily income. This gives you an option to use your daily income either way. Earlier you could only use it to block nodes.

If you want to advertise your product or services on then you should consider buying BBB coins using your daily income otherwise prefer blocking further nodes. You can earn BBB coins by visiting ads on boastcoast. Earn 1 BBB for every ad you view. Sell your BBB for USD and block nodes with them. You can grow your account faster without adding more deposits. This is a very nice features

  • Use BBB coins: Earlier, you could HODL, provide liquidity for BBB/BNB pool with your BBB coins. There were not many options, now there are. You can list your product/service using BBB coins. You are promoting your product and increasing its reach using BBB coins. It is a way better option than google ads where you spend thousands of dollars to promote your product.

This is a very good use case for any crypto project.

What will be the consequences of these new features?

To answer in short and simple. This will boost the value of the BBB coin. How? Well, you can see there is a difference in the market price of BBB coin and the website’s BBB coin price is much higher than that as it is based on the order book model. People will buy BBB coins at a lower price from the market and sell at the website’s price to block more nodes. But this is possible after 5M nodes. This is eventually going to generate a number of buyers in the market and sellers on the website. Which will gradually increase the market’s price.

BBB to the moon

How to make use of this?

We know well, more nodes mean more earnings. Simply view some ads daily and earn BBB coins and sell them for a good price and block nodes with them. Use your daily income to block further nodes. The BBB which you are getting after maturing of nodes, sell them on website price to block more nodes. Fundamental thing is to block nodes and you will see your account balance grow and soon you will be a BBB whale. I would suggest buying some BBB from the market now at a very low price and after 5M nodes sell them at the website’s price to block more nodes. Do not sell your BBB for real money until the price hits above $0.25. BBB to the moon.


FAQs about new features

All of a sudden, people got options to chose from, so it is natural some questions arise in their minds:

Can I use my airdropped BBB coins to block nodes?

You will be able to after 5M nodes. We recently hit the 3M mark, within the next few months we will hit 5M nodes. Things will become more interesting after that.

Can I withdraw the BBB coins I buy from the website using daily income?

Yes, you can do that.

Why price of BBB on Poocoin and the price on the website different?

Website trade is based on the order book model which has no link with the BSC. hence the prices are different. And this is the game you need to understand to make more money.

Can I withdraw the BBB that I earned by watching ads on boastcoast?

Yes, you can do that.


Q/A BigByteBlock


These new features that are added, increased the activity on BigByteBlock and boastcoast which is a good sign for the project. Let’s face it and have a discussion. Write in the comment section what you think about this update. To read more content about BigByteBlock read here.


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