BigByteBlock Airdrop claim now!

BigByteBlock has recently announced their airdrop. Tokens will be airdropped on 15 Dec 2021. Everyone can participate in the airdrop. Let’s read about how you can also claim your BBB coins and maximize your airdrop amount.

BigByteBlock Airdrop

To claim your airdrop you need to satisfy two conditions:

  •  Should have an account on BigByteBlock.
  • Updated your BSC (BEP20) wallet address in the profile setting of your account.

BigByteBlock Airdrop

1. Register an Account

If you already have an account on BigByteBlock, then you can skip this step, otherwise, you can start your sign-up process here. It’s a simple signup process, so we do not have to discuss a lot in this section.

Once it is done, then we can proceed to step 2.


2. Update your BSC (BEP 20) wallet address in your profile settings

The BBB coins will be sent directly as airdrop on the BSC wallet address we provide them, so it becomes our responsibility to provide the BSC wallet address, so they can send coins to us. In this section, we will learn about how to get our BSC (Binance Smart Chain) wallet address from Metamask/Trustwallet. Both Metamask and Trustwallet work the same way, so it does not matter much which wallet you are using, the only thing that matters is the network selected should be BSC.

In this article, we will retrieve the BSC wallet address from Metamask. If you are new to this, kindly follow the instructions below:

  • Metamask wallet is a browser extension, so we will firstly add metamask extension to our browser.

Add metamask

  • Now, we have metamask wallet. Complete its installation, and save the seed phrase somewhere very safe* (Seed phrase is very important, it can be used to access your wallet) and do not share with anyone. The seed phrase is generally a collection of 12 or 24 random words.

seed phrase metamask

  • Now we have to add BSC Network in order to get our BSC Wallet address. To get it, go to and scroll the website to the bottom. On its footer click on “Add BSC Network” and approve the metamask confirmation.


BigByteBlock Airdrop

add BSC network

  • Now we’ve added BSC Network, let’s get our required BSC Wallet address to update in our profile settings. Copy the wallet address by clicking anywhere near the wallet address.

BigByteBlock Airdrop

  • Now let’s update our wallet address in the required field of BigByteBlock in order to get our Airdrop tokens.

BigByteBlock Airdrop
Congratulations! You will get your AIRDROP to your wallet on 15 Dec 2021. Now comes the question,…


How much I will get from BigByteBlock Airdrop? How can I get more?

  • BigByteBlock is airdropping 100 BBB (by default) coins to everyone who is satisfying the above two conditions. But this is not it, we can get more.
  • You will also get the same number of BBB coins as your nodes. But max. up to 10,000 BBB coins only. that means if you have more than 10k nodes, then also you will get 10k BBB coins only for the airdrop.
  • You will get the same number of BBB coins as your number of referrals. If you have 50 referrals, you will get extra 50 BBB coins.
  • To get more coins, try to refer more people and block more nodes.


How to check if I received the BigByteBlock airdrop or not?

Well, you will not receive the airdrop before 15 Dec 2021, you can check after the 15th whether you received your airdrop or not? The airdrop tokens will directly go to your metamask wallet. To see the BBB coin, we need to firstly add BBB coin to our assets in metamask. This is super simple, follow the steps to do so:

  • To add BBB to your asset’s list, click on import new token

import new token

  • Now copy the BBB contract address: 0x195075035e0fe74989d30a90b66a4c837839d5b9 and it should automatically fill the Token Symbol and Decimal field. And make sure that the network selected is BSC. otherwise, it won’t work.

  • Now you can see the number of BBB coins you have, if it shows 0, then obviously you haven’t received your airdrop yet. Make sure you put the correct wallet address on your profile settings.

Conclusion for BigByteBlock Airdrop:

Airdrop is always free money, and nothing should stop you from claiming it. I hope this article helped you and let’s together wait for 15 Dec to get our airdrop. If you are in the BBB project, you must be familiar with what we are getting, valuable BBB coins that take one year to mint, and this project has a huge scope in the future. Let’s hear this out! What do you think about the future price for BBB coin, how far it can go. Leave a comment and your thoughts. Also, you can signup for a crypto guide to see more related content here. And read more about BigByteBlock here.


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