BuyBack: Airdropped BBB coins

On Dec 15, 2021 BigByteBlock successfully completed their Airdrop where a total of 1,573,475 BBB coins were airdropped to the qualified users. The BBB team also announced the BuyBack of airdropped tokens. In this article we will read about how positively this will impact on the price of BBB coin.

BBB coins buyback

If you are a community member of BigByteBlock and strongly believe in the project. This article will definitely attract you as this is directly related to the price of BBB coin. and if you are not! then you are missing something big in the crypto space. You can get started here and an amazing community is there to welcome you.

Why did the Airdrop happen?

Since we just moved to BSC (BEP20) Network, to get listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko they have some listing criteria. Which includes significant trading volume and at least 5000 holders. The reasons why the airdrop happened are the following:

  • Minting a BBB coin takes a year. To reach 5,000 wallet holders would take a lot of time and listing would be delayed till then.
  • Expand the community. Since airdrop is free money, and everybody wants to claim it. so a lot of new members joined the BBB community to receive their airdop.

So, the Airdrop seemed to be a perfect solution to deal with the situation. However it is not perfect. Airdrop massively impacts the price of a coin.


Consequences of Airdrop:

Airdrop means sending tokens for free to various people. Since the tokens have been send to them for free. They do not value them much and are eagerly ready to sell them for few pennies. There are a bunch of these people which results in high selling pressure and dumps the coin. Before BigByteBlock Airdrop the price of a BBB coin was $0.016 and after airdrop it was as low as $0.0074 which is more than 50% decrease in value.

price chart

To solve this dumping price issue. The BBB team announced buyback of all the airdropped tokens, so as to maintain the integrity of the system in the market.

BBB Airdropped coins BuyBack

The BBB team airdropped 1,573,475 BBB coins on Dec 15, 2021. The BBB team will buy 1,573,475 coins at the market price at different suitable levels. BBB team already bought 100,000 BBB coins (worth $866 of BNB) on 23 Dec, 2021. The rest 1,473,475 will be bought in the future before 15 Dec, 2022. The BBB market pumped about 30% when the team bought 100,000 BBB coins.


How to make more money from this opportunity?

Since we know BBB price pumped more than 30%, if you had invested $100, it would be straight away $130. This pump will happen more times during the year until 1,473,475 coins are bought back by the BBB team during the course of next complete year. Also we will hit 5M nodes, which will also increase buyers, so 2022 is going to be a very good year for BBB.

Since we already know this, we can invest money during the starting of this bull run of BBB and enjoy better returns. I expect BBB price to be more than $0.15 before Dec 2022. and it is $0.01 right now, so it is a complete 15x on your investment.

So, it was very important to HODL the airdropped tokens, and even buy more. The best way of Holding tokens on BSC is to provide liquidity and grow your balance amount.

BBB buyback

Why will the BuyBack happen in different levels?

If the BBB team would have bought more than 1.5M coins altogether, there would have been a massive pump, and then again people would sell their BBB coins for better profit, which will again increase the selling pressure and dump the coin. So, it was important to buy at different levels, and also surprisingly. Now since we do not know when will be the next buyback, so everybody wants to fill up their bags with BBB which will result in more buyers, which will be a very positive sign for the price of BBB.

In my opinion, the BuyBack should happen in different unknown levels and is happening that way. So the year 2022 will be very bullish for BBB. So book a rocket and enjoy your ride to the moon. i.e. HODL BBB.


Conclusion for BigByteBlock BuyBack:

The BuyBack and 5M node update will skyrocket the price of BBB and set us all up for listing it on Binance, which has been one of our objectives. Providing liquidity and buying more BBB coins can make your a crazy rich man. I am very bullish on BBB. Let’s face it and have a discussion for the price prediction Dec 2022 for BBB coin. To read more interesting stories about BigByteBlock, kindly check BigByteBlock Archives.


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