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We offer a very incentive affiliate program to all our users with the help of which they can earn a very decent passive income. Enjoy earnings with our 3 level deep affiliate system with 35% commissions paid out, and you also get paid for just signups through your link. Learn how it works, how much you can make and finally start earning!


Explore the Potential of Earnings from us

There’s no limit on your earnings. We pay out 35% commissions of the sales in affiliates in 3 levels, and also 5 cents for every user who just signup from your link. If you can realise, this is huge.

How does our affiliate program work?

Our Affiliate program is 3 level deep, and we share a good commission on every level. For every person that signup using your referral link, you will be awarded $0.05 for just signup. If your referral purchases the guide anytime in the future, you will be given 20% of the total, i.e $2. More users you invite, more earning potential. Now once you’ve build your downline, and they all start promoting their referral link, you will be given 10% of the total, i.e $1 for every qualified referral who purchases the guide. Similar things happens for level 3, with 5% commissions. 

Build your Downline and let them Earn for you

Earn Passive Income

Keeping the fact of 3 level deep referral system, and sharing high commission rates at deeper levels, must give you an idea how easily you can make money with us, without even doing anything, just for once, when you have built your downline. Also you earn 5 cents for every member signup in your downline and if they purchase the guide, you start earning huge, and along the way you also learn many things from our guide that work online, so as to grab every opportunity. It’s a win situation for you, for your referrals and for us as well!

How to get started?

To start earning with us, you only need that fire inside you. Otherwise, the procedure is super simple, below are the very obvious steps to get started. If you are ready, Go Ahead.

Signup and copy your referral link
Promote your link as much as you can
Earn Commissions and withdraw them

Get an Estimate, Though we have no Limits!

No. of users invited by you

No. of users invited by your referrals

No. of users invited by their's referrals

Your earning potential could be:

Start Earning Now

SignUp Now and You'll get a unique tracking link that you can use to share through a Facebook post, on your blog, a tweet — however you choose!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you start, here are a few questions, that we think you should know answers to them. Take 2 minutes of your time and read them, so we are in no confusion ever.

We request you to not spam your referral link. It creates a bad image of the platform. Instead you can smartly promote your referral link, that way it will be easy for you to get more referrals. Here are some ways, you can go for it:

  • Post your link in Crypto Formus.
  • Write a interesting story on medium with your referral link.
  • Advertise on Traffic Exchanges.
  • You can also get paid referrals from Paid to Click websites.
  • Write comparisions, reviews or your experience on high traffic websites and post your link.
  • Make a video about crypto guide on youtube and post your link in the description.
  • Share with your friends and family who are interested in crypto.

A qualified referral is one of your referral who purchases our guide. A qualified referral can help you earn more and more. 

We also provide you the referral bonus, even if your referral does not purchases the guide, in this case you will be awarded with $0.05 per referral, if in the future, your referral purchases the guide, you will be awarded automatically.

You can chose your payment option in the digital currency you like. We currently payout via Crypto Currencies like ltc, xmr, waves, bnb and many more.

The minimum amount to withdraw from your dashboard is $20. Every time your account balance exceeds $20, you can request for withdraw.

We keep minimum amount as $20 because we process every withdrawal manually, and in case of small amounts, we have to pay a huge transaction fee (As a transaction fee). If you want to withdraw urgently even when your balance is less than $20, please contact us at [email protected]

To motivate our users to promote their referral links, we organise many campaigns, promotional activities, during this time, referrers can earn more than usual.

We will always notify you, when a activity is started.

Since the withdrawal process in manual, it might take some time, In the meantime, we request you to be patient. It usually takes 24-48 hours from the time of withdrawal request. You will definitely be paid.

If your case is urgent, please let us know, drop an email to [email protected]

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