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I have successfully started the crypto guide, my online business. Starting an online business requires a lot of things altogether. You need an idea, resources, skills for implementation, and many more, but above all, you need proper guidance. I am very thankful to Mr. Hasan from H-educate whose youtube videos helped me a lot, several times when I was stuck and almost gave up. In this article, I will describe my journey, and how I overcome situations that are faced by everyone while starting and expanding an online business.

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What is Crypto Guide about?

At the crypto guide, we sell a digital product/our premium membership plan (aka crypto guide). The guide is about making passive income sources in crypto. Let us briefly look at the advantages of purchasing the crypto guide.

  • Free crypto earning methods and techniques to make more.

The guide provides methods to earn free crypto, which you might not know and do not want to miss. We also share the techniques to make more money that smart people are already implementing to make passive incomes. We update and add more info regularly, and all of it comes at a small price of only $10 for lifetime access.

  • Smart Investment Strategies.

Investment Strategies tells you about the smart ways to invest your money to generate passive income streams. We recommend you to follow our strategies, as it has proven successful for thousands of people and they are happy about it. We share only legit, profitable, and long-term ways to build income streams online, which are otherwise very difficult to build.

  • Review Request

review request

Review Request gives you a feature where you can first review your investment by our crypto experts. We will analyze and share the results with you, but whether to invest or not, will be always your decision. It can help you provide some confidence in your investment, which becomes very important in case of long term. This amazing feature is also included with our premium plan which costs only $10 for lifetime access.

  • Announcements

We provide exclusive information, happening in the market, whale rumors, and tactics all under our announcement section. Make sure to check this section regularly as you might not want to miss that particular premium info.

The idea behind Crypto Guide?

The idea originated as I got interested in the crypto industry, and was shaped by the thoughts of Mr. Hasan. When I was struggling with the idea, I was just exploring and came across a youtube video by Hasan from H-educate, which advised starting with a website that can generate multiple income sources for you, was the best bet. Website monetization, selling a Digital Product, Affiliate, and email marketing were the things I need to focus on.

Through my website, I managed to achieve them all, using the tips and advice from H educate. The way things were explained in the video using real data statistics, always motivated me to start. I am very thankful to his youtube channel. It also helped me to not just start, but also grow with my business.

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I am really happy to get all the tools in one place and for free. These tools are necessary for you if you are working online. People had to pay for those to get good results, but thanks to H-supertools where you can get them all for free. You must explore and try them here.

h supertools

H supertools helped me a lot in many ways at many times while expanding my business. These tools helped me to multiply my income as well, eg. the high CPC keyword tool, which tells you the keywords of high CPC. so I started making content on those topics specifically.

H-educate youtube channel

I must thank Mr. Hasan for starting this channel, as he is helping thousands of people to build their online businesses. His videos are super enjoyable and you get a learning from them. I failed several times making money online, but all I did to push myself up, was to watch his videos. and it worked!

crypto guide

  • Selecting the type of website. This is the first and most important step in building an online business.
  • Generating traffic to a new website. I faced a lot of difficulties in this part, but guidance was always available on youtube. I just implemented the strategies and things worked out.
  • SEO. I did not know what SEO was but now I think I am an expert in it. It is the best free source to generate traffic.
  • Affiliate Marketing. I mention my referral link in my blogs, which helps me to earn commissions.
  • Email Marketing. I email all of my users whenever I publish a new blog post, it generates a lot of traffic.
  • Google Adsense. I am monetizing my website blogs with google ads, which adds another income source.

For all of the above-mentioned points, I was able to perform only with the help of H-educate. And in my opinion, these are the difficult ones!


My journey is greatly influenced by Mr. Hasan. I am very thankful to him and his youtube channel, and also H-supertools. I prepared this blog, so as to dedicate to him and also tell people that earning online takes time, but when it starts, it is next level! Patience and consistency along with smart move is the key. To read more articles, please visit the crypto guide blog here.


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